New BlockAdBlock-based method to detect tracking

Here's a new track.js script, based on BlockAdBlock.

If you are already using BlockAdBlock to alert users of "dumb" ad blockers (which is a good idea, because the best-known ad blocker gives users a false sense of security by participating in covert tracking) you can now use Aloodo with an almost identical interface.

Include the script with:

<script src=""></script>

And set up your callbacks with:

if(typeof aloodo === 'object') {
    aloodo.setOption('debug', true);

The onLoad function gets called when the fake tracker iframe loads, and the onDetected function gets called when tracking is confirmed. The difference is because of the problem of an "untrained" Privacy Badger. If Privacy Badger is installed but has not learned to block, then the onLoad function will get called even though the user has protection.


  • Use onLoad to correctly alert more users of list-based protection. (In this case you will have to let Privacy Badger users know that they can take a test to check their results.)

  • Use onDetected to avoid alerting untrained Privacy Badger users. (You will fail to alert some vulnerable users of list-based protection.)

Because Aloodo has to use a third party and wait for the iframe to load, this script can't be as fast as BlockAdBlock.



View source here or check out the project on GitHub for more info or to report a bug.

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