HTTPS support, on the Kloudsec CDN

The site is now on the Kloudsec CDN, using Kloudsec's automatic support for Let's Encrypt.

I'm not bragging on my own elite skills here. It only took about five minutes of actual work. (Not counting fixing a problem on our side that one of our users ran into when switching to the HTTPS version of Aloodo.)

Why is going encrypted now so simple from the webmaster point of view? Because Kloudsec took the great work of the Let's Encrypt project and built a straightforward web workflow around it, complete with checking and troubleshooting for the parts they can't automate, such as setting up the right records in DNS. We use GitHub Pages to host, and Kloudsec has a GitHub Pages integration to make it even easier.

By the way, we also now have a global CDN.

Protecting users from targeted ads

Putting your site on HTTPS can block ad injection attacks on users of your site. I remember the first time I went to the Oakland airport and saw injected ads on one of my own sites. Please check out Let's Encrypt and Kloudsec to help protect your users.

And of course, another important kind of protection you can offer is a tracking protection warning, with Aloodo. Here's how to get started.

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