Test more predictions from Targeted Advertising Considered Harmful

  • survey tracking-protected users: how much do they spend online?

  • survey tracking-protected users: are they more or less likely to buy large items such as vehicles and financial products online?

  • survey tracking-protected users with basic factual questions on how tracking and targeting work. Are better-informed users more likely to be protected?

Add features to tracking protection test

  • Detect X-UIDH

  • Detect DNT, warn about naked DNT without tracking protection.

  • User survey on final page: is this result what you expected?

  • Custom versions of intermediate pages, for tests on other sites

  • Document how the test works, in order to coordinate with behavior-based tracking protection developers. (in progress)

Tracking protection requests pending

  • Blur

  • Ghostery

Other software

  • Mobile apps to test Advertising ID and remind user to reset it if stale. (Android apps can apparently read the Ad ID even if limitAdTrackingEnabled is true: AdvertisingIdClient.Info, so churning the Ad ID is probably a better solution than selecting limit tracking.)


  • Basic meta stuff for new online advertising organization (in progress)

  • Recruit board, advisory board, tech committee, corporate members (in progress)

  • More web articles


  • Wiki directory of reported tracking hosts (with tools to import/export common protection list formats)

  • tracking protection campaign for one town (Like Google Fiber for online marketing)

  • Slide deck with good photos, charts


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