Rules for fixing web advertising

  1. No collective action. That's what the adtech people are trying to do on fraud, and it's not working. "The Industry" can't change. Individuals, browsers, and sites can.

  2. No long-term projects. The "backlog" never gets done. Web sites have to work at the speed of git push, not the speed of cheese tweets.

  3. No privacy. Privacy is an important philosophical concept, which reasonable people disagree on, and which we do not have time for. We can fix obvious bugs without discovering the meaning of a complicated word.

  4. No assuming that users are changing. We ignore surveillance marketing people when they say that Consumers want to connect and share with their beloved brands, and we need to ignore Users are becoming concerned about PII and autonomy just as much.

  5. Work within norms and laws. Doing creepy and/or illegal stuff in order to start a business is over.

  6. No complaining. When almost everyone in a huge business category is dead wrong about something, that's not a reason to complain, it's a chance to make MAD CASH. We're not veal calf serfs trapped in a silo, we're people who have just discovered a huge opportunity. Are you in?

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